OmniSite Releases New Remote Monitoring and Pump Control Device

The OmniSite Crystal Ball represents the best value in a lift station monitoring system on the market today, and is immediately available for sale. It can

provide all the monitoring functions of a telephone dialer, but also advanced calculations of a SCADA system at a fraction of the price.

The unique aspect of the Crystal Ball is that by installing two slip-on current transducers, and landing a total of five wires, you can receive the following information about the lift station each day from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

This is an incredible time saving feature, and provides a reliable, long-term solution unmatched by dialers and SCADA. OmniSite expects that this exciting product can have a dramatic impact in the water and wastewater markets for the balance of 2003 and beyond.

The Crystal Ball features include:

  • Pump amp draw
  • Calculated well inflow rate using timed well refill
  • Calculated pump GPM using timed draw downs
  • Total station flow (no flow meter needed and accurate to 3% per day)
  • Combined Pump GPM rate
  • Pump Failure Alarms
  • Pump on/off cycles
  • Pump run hours
  • Power failure alarm
  • High Wet Well Alarm
  • Low backup battery alarm
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