3G Cellular Sunset

The Verizon Cellular 3G Sunset and How it Affects You

Important Update 11/20/19: 3G Sunset date has been extended to end of 2020.

Thank you for trusting OmniSite for your remote monitoring solutions. We hope that you chose us, and have stayed with us, because you value the reliable, innovative and cost-effective products and services we provide. That reliability is due in part to the use of the cellular network to send and deliver your alarm notifications. The reality of cellular technology is that it is always advancing and such advances lead to the retirement of older networks and technologies such as 2G, 3G, etc.

Verizon is phasing out its 3G data network. This sunset affects every customer using a 3G device on the Verizon network, not just OmniSite’s customers. Verizon recently announced a 1 year extension to the sunset. The new sunset date is December 31, 2020 . (The original sunset date was December 31, 2019.)

Questions you might be thinking right now…

Why is Verizon ending 3G cellular service?

By December 31, 2020 all devices connected to a Verizon mobile network must be capable of running on at least the 4G/LTE spectrum. By phasing out 3G service, this will enable Verizon to free up bandwidth and add capacity to its 4G and LTE mobile Internet network. Unlike the cellular analog sunset in 2008, this decision was not influenced by an FCC decision but was solely Verizon’s.

What is OmniSite’s role in all of this?

The 3G sunset is solely Verizon’s decision.

OmniSite is dedicated to keeping all devices online while transitioning every active device before the sunset date. To transition a device, the 3G radio is removed and upgraded with a 4G/LTE radio. We have a full plan in place, outlined below. If you have not yet considered and began pursuing one of the options below, we recommend that you do sooner rather than later. While the 3G Sunset date has been extended by Verizon, that date is subject to change again.

We know how disruptive sunsets can be. We’re tired of them, too. When our customers aren’t happy, we aren’t happy, so we’ve innovated a solution to future sunsets:

  • Today, OmniSite products work on the 4G/LTE radio spectrum. 4G/LTE is scheduled to have bandwidth into 2027.
  • Beyond, we have developed our new modular radio, the OSMR (pronounced Oz-Mer). The OSMR is field-replaceable and plugs into a carrier board in your device with minimal effort. New devices and those upgraded during this sunset will have this new plug-n-play radio and carrier board.
  • Going forward, if a sunset occurs, you’ll purchase a new radio to simply plug-in greatly reducing the time and burden to upgrade. If you want to reduce both the expense and burden of sunsets, you should subscribe to the OmniAdvantage plan today! Keep reading to learn more about it!

What happens on December 31, 2020?

If your devices have not been upgraded by this date, they will not function.

As the date approaches, Verizon will consolidate cell towers, channels and services without notice to provide a diminished level of 3G service. This 3G consolidation is already happening in some parts of the USA and could affect your device’s ability to receive a suitable cellular signal as early as Q2 2018. If your device has been working normally and then abruptly stops transmitting (or several products stop transmitting at the same time), please call our tech support hotline at 317-885-6330 option 3 so our technicians can help troubleshoot this issue.

Does the Sunset affect my device(s)?

The OmniSite GuardDog website will show a chart of all affected units (if any). Upgrade options are listed below.

What if my device(s) are still under warranty?

If your OmniSite product is still under warranty, the Field Upgrade Kit, if eligible, will be no charge to you, as long as the upgrade is completed. If your device must be sent back, we will upgrade at no charge to you excluding shipping.

What are my upgrade options?*

Please contact Technical Support at 317-885-6330 option 3 to discuss the following options, verify eligibility, and set up your RMA:

    • 1. Field Upgrade KIT for ELIGIBLE XR50, old style Viper, and Crystal Ball for $299.00/each†
      If eligible, each device will be assigned a specific field kit. Step-by-step instructions will accompany the kit and must be followed precisely. Once completed, each field upgrade kit comes with a 1-year limited warranty. See installation instructional video below.
    • 2. OmniBeacon Upgrade and Upgrade KIT for $225.00/each†
      Some OmniBeacon devices may be upgradable in the field via a kit but some may need to be returned to OmniSite for upgrade. Either way, your OmniBeacon will have a new, 1-year limited warranty. In many cases, your product warranty expired long ago, so this is a value-added feature of the phase out process. See installation instructional video below for units that are field replaceable.
    • 3. Become an OmniAdvantage customer
      The OmniAdvantage plan provides radio upgrades with zero cost for the new radio, free shipping, minimal effort, and no RMA. As an OmniAdvantage member, you will also receive a lifetime limited warranty, free software upgrades and 2.0 mobile app, GuardDog setup and priority support, and professional training. Every device must subscribe annually to the OmniAdvantage plan in addition to cellular service. Learn more at www.omnisite.com/omniadvantage or by contacting us at 317-885-6330 ext. 137 or omniadvantage@omnisite.com.
    • 4. Do Nothing and Wait for the Product to Fail before Upgrading
      The final sunset date is now December 31, 2020, and it is possible that your product will work flawlessly until that date. Since Verizon does not share their “turn-down” plans with 3rd party companies, OmniSite cannot predict when your service will be consolidated and/or turned down.

      OmniSite does not advocate “doing nothing” until the cutoff date, but it is an option to get the longest possible life from your equipment before doing the required radio upgrade.

*As the sunset date nears, additional options may become available. Currently, you may only choose from the above-listed options.

†The upgrade price covers the required radio upgrade only. It does not cover dead batteries, shipping costs, field services, or physical damage of any type. If being sent into OmniSite, our technicians will inspect and inform if any product damage is found and quote for repairs.

Upgrade Kit Guided Installation Videos

For XR50 & Crystal Ball
For OmniBeacon

When should I upgrade?

The sunset date was recently extended by one year. This may be frustrating to those who acted early by clearing room in the budget for upgrades and time in the schedule for installation, but those who have already purchased and installed upgrades can rest assured the devices will continue working for many years to come. The 3G sunset is now in your rearview mirror!

The extension also means that:
1) Customers have more time to upgrade 4G radios in the field upon receiving shipment.
2) Customers have more time to acquire budget approval to proceed with purchasing the 4G radio upgrades.
3) We have more time to professionally assemble, test, package, and ship devices on order.

With that said, we encourage anyone who has not yet upgraded to order now and not wait until the last moment to discuss your options. The sunset date has been extended, but that date is still subject to change. Give us a call at 317-885-6330 option 3 or send us an email at support@omnisite.com for assistance.


PLEASE NOTE: For OmniSite devices that work on the Verizon network, OmniSite either purchases the cellular service direct from Verizon or from a third-party reseller of Verizon cellular services called KORE. OmniSite’s contract with KORE terminates on January 19, 2020, and we were unable to successfully negotiate renewal of that contract with KORE. If you are a KORE customer with devices that are not subject to the 3G Sunset extension and MUST be upgraded prior to January 19, 2020, you have already been notified. Please be sure to install your upgrades prior to January 19, 2020.


PLEASE NOTE: We will continue to send upgrade notifications via email, text, and push notifications to ensure all of our customers can make plans for their upgrades. If you have received a notification message but you already ordered or installed your upgrades, please disregard the notification message.

Thank you for choosing OmniSite Cellular Monitoring Solutions! Please know that we don’t take lightly the fact that you have chosen to be an OmniSite customer, and we are continuously developing and innovating to keep you as a customer.