OmniBeacon Visual Alarm Light and Cellular Transmitter



User Manual

The OmniBeacon is installed at your equipment and sends a wireless signal to the local cellular tower. That signal is bounced to OmniSite’s web interface, where customers can log on – any day, any time, from any computer – and see how the equipment is operating.

A “call out” list is set up online, so that when an alarm is triggered at your equipment, identified operators are contacted immediately. Because our engineers recognize today’s fast-paced busy world, that notification comes by way of text message, email, or call to your cellular or hard-wired phone.

OmniBeacon includes OmniSite’s “plug and play” GuardDog web interface, which eliminates the need for custom programming.

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The OmniBeacon looks, feels, and installs like your typical alarm light. Simply attach it to the alarm output of any device and when the output is triggered the light turns on and the siren sounds. Only, the OmniBeacon does not stop there, it’s connected with the local cellular network and OmniSite’s cloud servers to give operators real-time alert notifications via text, email, and voice.

OmniSite improved the traditional alarm light by adding Cellular Telemetry to the circuit. OmniBeacon is applicable everywhere you would want an alarm light and need a reliable monitoring solution that includes data logging and web-based access.

View a Case Study demonstrating the benefits of the OmniBeacon.

  • Web-Based interface for data logging and reporting.
  • Battery backup gives notifications of power failures.
  • NEMA 4 equivalent rating for direct mounting indoors and outdoors.
  • Complete install and setup in less than an hour.
Device Specs
Dual Input Alarm Channels: (1) 12VAC/VDC – 120 VAC/VDC, opto-isolation to 4000VAC. (1) Dry Contact Input, dry contact triggers call out only – no siren or strobe activity (silent alarm).
Alarm Light Bulb Super bright LED cluster long-life
Alarm Light State Pulses LEDs and Annunciator at 3Hz when input #1 is in alarm.
Alarm Light Annunciator 2.8kHz, 85dB
Backup Battery External 6VDC Sealed Lead, 1.3AH, Re-chargeable
Communications CDMA Dual Band 1xRTT (CDMA2000) 800/1900
Operating Temp. -20/150 Deg F
Operating Humidity 0-90% RH Non-condensing
Dimensions 5″W round base x 5″H
Weight 1 lb
Enclosure NEMA 4x equivalent rating for direct mounting indoors or outdoors
Protections US Patent #7,228,129 and #7,778,633