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Greenwood, Indiana – August 31, 2004 – OmniSite (www.omnisite.com), the leader in low cost easy to use monitoring equipment for the wastewater industry, today announced improvements to the OmniSite system. The improvements are listed and described in detail below: 

XR50 Advanced Features:

  • Low RSSI Indicator: It is now possible to get an alarm when your unit has a weak signal strength. It will call your cell phone, pager or send an email to let you know that it might be a good idea to upgrade to a stronger antenna.
  • 2nd Website: OmniSite now has a backup website ww2.omni-site.net. If the main website is down for whatever reason, use this identical website to view your equipment!
  • Modbus Gateway: Available 2005! If you have an existing PLC that has a modbus port, you can hook it up to the OmniSite XR-50 modbus option.
  • New Website: The new website gives OmniSite a fresher look and gives more features to reps and customers. Some new features include the new distributor area, customer locations, more support documentation and many other exciting enhancements.
  • Web Based Graphs: Available 2005! With the new graphs it will now be easier to spot trends in your pumps. You will be able to graph numerous variables including GPM, Amp Draw, Runtime and much more!
  • Improved Voice Interface: The improved voice interface will know allow you to listen to all your current alarms at any time and will also combine multiple alarms into one phone call.
  • Hand Held/Mobile Web Surfing: Did you ever what to look at your equipment from any location? Well it is now possible by using a Web-enabled mobile PDA or cell phone. View and acknowledge alarms from anywhere! Just go to the following address www.omni-site.net/mobile.
  • OPC Interface: The OmniSite system can now hook up to any existing SCADA software package, by using its OPC interface. Call for details.
  • Advanced Employee Tracking: Available 2005! With the advanced employee tracking, you can now know exactly who logged into the website or acknowledged an alarm and at what time!

If you have any comments, questions or ideas please call OmniSite at 317-885-6330. 

About OmniSite

OmniSite is a cellular monitoring solutions company that provides cellular monitoring and control of equipment to the water and wastewater industries. The OmniSite system was specifically designed to be the easiest to install, setup and use lift station monitor on the market. OmniSite cellular monitors are on sewage pumping stations across the country, allowing operators to view and analyze data from any computer at any time and anywhere. OmniSite is privately held with headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. For more information, please visit www.omnisite.com, or e-mail us atsales@omnisite.com

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