OmniSite Launches Dynamic Graphing Feature

We have released a brand new feature! Not long ago OmniSite launched web based graphing. Now we are pleased to announce the latest evolution to Dynamic Web Based Graphs.

Using our new Dynamic Graphs, web site users will be able to see their data in greater detail and customize the way it is presented. Do you want to see a bar graph instead of a line graph? Do you want to highlight one particular series of data? Do you want to view your graph in 3-D? All of this is posslbe with our new Dynamic Graphs.

The best part about the new Dynamic Graphs is that they are free and available to all OmniSite customers.

OmniSite technical support staffer Jason Tewell says of the new graphs “Even though customers were happy with the original graphs, we saw an opportunity to improve them, and we did. We think that the Dynamic Graphs will help people examine their data in new ways.”

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