Your Equipment Needs a SmarteLight!

The SmarteLight™ looks, feels, and installs like your typical alarm light. Simply attach it to the alarm output of any device and when the output is triggered the light turns on. Only, the SmarteLight™ does not stop there, it’s connected with the local cellular network and OmniSite’s cloud servers to give operators real-time alert notifications via text, email, and voice.

Once notified, the operator can login to our GuardDog Web Interface to see the alert and determine if someone should be dispatched for repairs. The SmarteLight™ has one output control as well, so operators can power cycle their equipment on/off from the internet or their Iphone. The SmarteLight™ helps operators save time and helps municipalities save money, making it the most cost-effective remote monitoring solution on the planet.

Alarm lights are found on just about every piece of machinery you can think of. They simply alert anyone around that an alert has been triggered by lighting up. The problem with a traditional alarm light is that it requires someone seeing the light and then knowing what it means. This is just not an efficient way to monitor mission critical equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

OmniSite improved the traditional alarm light by adding Cellular Telemetry to the circuitry and adding a low voltage output to control the power switch remotely. The light still installs, acts, and feels like the traditional alarm light and is applicable everywhere you would want an alarm light.

Key Features:

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  • Installs in less than an hour
  • Single alarm channel input
  • Single low voltage output to power cycle a connected device
  • Battery backup gives notifications of power failures
  • Rugged design for indoor or outdoor use
  • 12VDC or 120VAC operation
  • Complete U.S.A. cell coverage
  • Web-Based interface for data logging and reporting
  • NEMA 4 equivalent rating fir direct mounting indoors and outdoors
  • Internal mount antenna
  • Quad Band GSM radio cellular transceiver


Wastewater, water distribution and landfills all use water pumps in one form or another. These pump stations must at least have a visual alarm light to meet monitoring standards. The problem with the visual alarm light is that in very remote locations, no one is around to see the light, meaning alerts can go unnoticed for days or even weeks until a complete flood or overflow happens.

SmarteLight™ gives operators peace of mind because they will get real-time alerts via text, email, or voice when an alarm is triggered. They don’t have to worry about seeing the light on the device, because our notification can alert them no matter where they are. They then have access to an online portal to view equipment data, set alarm triggers and notifications, and power cycle equipment. It’s a web app and an industrial alarm in one easy to install package.

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