GuardDog Updates: Streamlining Access to Data

GuardDog Pump and Remote Monitoring Software
The talented and relentless engineers at OmniSite have been busy adding additional features to our software and as a result GuardDog is getting a few updates.

These updates will go into effect at approximately 10p EST tonight and will grant users a better experience by allowing streamlined access to the data they deserve. Here are the updates direct from one of our Senior Software Engineers:


    1. The Dashboard is trimmed down. Device activity and the notifications pie chart are removed. This solves some of the dashboard loading time issues.

    2. Influent vs. Rainfall. There is now a chart in the influent and rainfall analyzer that allows users to view influent and rainfall on the same plot.


  1. The “Manage Notifications” quick link was changed to “Notifications.” This fixed some alignment issues that occurred when the button was moused over.

  2. Notifications page updates. Users can now just simply click “Acknowledge Notifications” they don’t have to physically drop down the menu.

This is just a start of updates to come. In the next few weeks we will be making some updates to the dashboard that will simplify and improve usability for all GuardDog users.

Please let us know what you think of the updates and if you ever have any comments or concerns regarding GuardDog, please contact us and let us know!

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