GuardDog Updates: More Efficient Device Setup

Our Engineers are at it again! Their relentless pursuit of software perfection has just produced Copy to Device and updated Show Station Notes capability. Keep reading to learn more about these great new features.

Copy to Device

Our new Copy to Device feature is now available through the Device Setup page. This time saving option allows users to replicate the setup of one unit across many same model units with the click of a button.

Utilizing Copy to Device is simple; complete in 5 easy steps:

  1. Hover over the Copy to Device Icon at the top of the page
  2. Click “Select to Copy Current Settings To”
  3. From the drop down list, select the Unit you want to copy the settings to
  4. Click “Copy to Selected Device”
  5. Click “OK” when the successful message box appears

Notes: Settings may be copied to same model units only (i.e. XR50 – XR50, Crystal Ball to Crystal Ball, and Viper Original to Viper Original). Copy to Device is Available for XR50, Crystal Ball, and Viper Original only.

Show/Hide Station Notes

Now you can view, add, modify or delete Station Notes from the Device Setup page.

Simply click on the “Show Station Notes” Icon and any notes associated with that station, such as wet well dimensions or maintenance notes are displayed at the top of the page. The settings are still visible if you scroll down the page.

After making notes visible, you may add a new note using the “Add Station Note” button. Or, you can modify or delete the note by clicking on the appropriate icon for the note.

When you no longer want the notes to be visible just click the “Hide Station Notes” Icon and they disappear from your view.

You can still see all notes for all Stations from the Station Note page, but now can access them for individual stations from the Device Setup Page.

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