Our History

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Logical Concepts, Inc. was created on January 1, 1999 by Tom Ward, of Greenwood, Indiana.

Tom worked for Honeywell Corporation from 1980 to 1985 as a co-op student while attending Purdue University. While at Honeywell, he functioned first as a technician, then programmer and finally as an engineer. Upon graduation, Tom accepted a position in the Research and Development Department for Honeywell in Minneapolis, MN, but shortly thereafter left Honeywell to return to his hometown in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Back in Indiana, Tom accepted a position as a programmer and engineer at Johnson Controls until 1987. From 1987 to 1998, Tom founded a controls/systems integration firm with two partners, and functioned as an engineer, salesman, vice president, and partner in this venture, Precision Control Systems of Indianapolis.

Tom had the vision of operating his own instrumentation/sales company that specialized in innovative wireless monitoring and control systems. With the experience he gained from 18 years in the controls and automation industry, Tom decided to start his own firm Logical Concepts, Inc.

Working from his garage in 1999, Tom was able to secure electronic systems integration projects from many well respected local firms such as the Indianapolis Water Company. These control system projects allowed clients to have computerized automatic control and monitoring of their industrial processes. At the time, the projects were secured to provide capital to develop a wireless, cellular monitoring device for monitoring remotely located equipment. The device was given the identity, “XR50 Wireless Alarm Monitor.”

In January 2000, Tom moved the operation to a small office in Greenwood, Indiana. For the remainder of 2000, Tom completed all automation projects that were in progress, finished the development of the XR50 wireless monitoring system, applied for a patent on the technology, and began selling the XR50 units at the beginning of 2001. At this same time, the company name “Omni-site.net” was adopted as the primary operating business unit of Logical Concepts, Inc to design, manufacture, sell and support the XR50 product.

During 2001, Tom worked tirelessly to promote this new wireless technology for monitoring remote equipment. Initial success was found in the wastewater industry. Although not a glamorous market, Tom optimized the product for use as a sewage lift station monitor. The XR50 used cellular technology in combination with the Internet to provide a low cost monitoring solution that could be completely monitored and programmed using the Internet. Omni-site sales in 2001 totaled $230,000. Sales for the XR50 equipment in 2002 were $432,000. Sales in 2005 exceeded 1 million dollars.

In 2008, the company name simplified from “Omni-site.net” to “OmniSite” and also purchased the www.omnisite.com domain name from an Indiana University professor. Accordingly, our web presence changed to www.omnisite.com . This launched OmniSite’s new logo and identity.

2012, OmniSite is a multimillion dollar/year company with 3 patents, 14 employees and products in over 1,300 Government municipalities, spanning over 5,000 field RTU units. Started it’s 1st residential based product line, PumpAlarm.com, which helps property owners prevent damage due to power outages, basement floods, and frozen pipes caused by furnace failures.

2016, the corporate headquarters moved from Greenwood, IN to a brand new 18,000 sq. ft. building on the Southside of Indianapolis. This moves brings our industrial and residential departments together and gives us space necessary to bring on 10 – 15 new employees over the next 5 years. We can also ramp up production on 6 new products that are planned to be released over the next 36 months.