Remote Monitoring Products and Services

Cellular Monitoring Devices

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Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Wireless Landfill Pump and Flare Station Notification, Data Logging and Control System


XR50 Wireless Landfill Pump and Flare Station Notification and Data Logging System


OmniBeacon Visual Alarm light with Cellular Transmitter and Siren

GuardDog Software

Web Portal

Web Portal

Mobile App

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Sensors and Accessories

Please see the Accessories table of contents, page 35 of our Product Catalog, or review our Data Sheets on our Documents Page. 


Accessory Bags

Accessory bags for Crystal Ball and XR50 Units


Batteries for OmniSite Remote Monitoring Devices

Cables & Antennas

Antennas and Cables for OmniSite Remote Monitoring Devices


4-20mA Amp Probe

Amp Probe Current Sensor - 4mA to 20mA Output


Current Switch

This current switch can be used to indicate "positive proof" when a motor is running or stopped.


Device Keys

Keys to securely activate and deactivate units


Enclosures & Lids

Replacement NEMA 4x Enclosures, Clear Leads, Door Props, and Stainless Steel Hole Plugs

Rain Gauge

Our Rain Gauge is a tipping bucket style rain collector. Once the rain gauge measures.01" of rain the gauge will tip and close the contact closure.


Solar Panel

Complete Solar Panel Kit



Terminal plugs, blocks, and sockets for OmniSite Remote Monitoring devices.


Explosion Proof I-Level

Hydrostatic, submersible wet well sensor with an external diameter of 22mm

Annual Cellular Service

Please see the Cellular Wireless Service section, page 63 of our Product Catalog


Standard Service

Standard Wireless plan


Elite Service

Elite Wireless Service


OmniBeacon Service

OmniBeacon Annual Cellular Service



Product Warranties and Professional Services

Please see the Repair Policies table of contents, page 65 of our Product Catalog


Standard Warranty

1 Year Warranty Included on All OmniSite Devices


OmniAdvantage Plan

OmniAdvantage Plan


Design Service

Professional Design Service