Remote Monitoring for Municipal Water Pumps

Demand for clean water continues to increase while budgets continue to shrink; municipalities must find ways to cut costs while keeping up with demand. An OmniSite monitoring solution is cost-effective, easy to setup, simple to maintain, easily scales, and provides reliable monitoring service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Looking for a water pump and tank monitoring system that has all the features of a powerful SCADA system but the price tag of an auto-dialer? Our systems are found on thousands of pieces of equipment around the US and Canada; find an OmniSite Representative in your area.



Water Monitoring and Metering Applications

Power Failure Monitoring
Power failures stop pumps from running which can lead to overflows, drops in pressure, or loss of water service. Get notified in real-time of all power failures with an OmniSite Remote Equipment Monitoring device.

Pump Run Time Monitoring
OmniSite Crystal Ball and XR50 Remote Monitoring devices automatically provide run time stats on your pumps. This data is available in our exclusive GuardDog web interface and included free with the purchase of any OmniSite Device.

Pump Draw Down Monitoring
Utilizing custom algorithms specifically written for pump and lift stations, our web-based software calculates your pump draw-down stats and logs them for future reporting and/or automatic notifications. 

Tank Level Monitoring
Tanks leak, a small leak may be negligible, but large leaks can be detrimental. Our system interfaces with any 4mA – 20mA output or use our submersible I-Level measurement tool. Monitor tank levels, collect your data for later, and receive notifications when a problem arises. It’s like having a full-time operator at each of your tanks, water towers, reservoirs, and pumps. 

Current Flow Metering
Our easy-to-install and highly accurate current switch interfaces with your equipment to provide pump amperage data for predictive maintenance. The signal is used to detect conditions such as over or under loads, excessive wear, broken belts, and mechanical failure in motors and pumps.

Water Flow Metering
Use an external flow meter with our Crystal Ball monitoring device or rely on our custom algorithm that calculates Gallons Per Minute automatically based on drawdown time and tank level.

Pressure Monitoring
The EPA estimates 240,000 water main breaks occur each year. Water breaks, if left unattended, waste valuable water. They also create a low water-pressure event, which has been linked to self-reported stomach ailments. The OmniSite Remote Monitoring devices can interface with the pressure sensor of your choice. Our 4mA – 20mA input gives you real-time alarm notifications and the GuardDog web interface can log all your pipe pressure data; giving you the ability to run reports and analyze accurate data.

Rain Level Monitoring
Our rain collector interfaces with our Crystal Ball and XR50 units to provide accurate levels down to .01″. This data can be used to set up automatic triggers or alerts. It is also available in our exclusive GuardDog web interface for reporting and analysis. 


Cost-Effective and Engineered for Water Pumps

From remote pump stations to tanks and reservoirs, public water system operators need to know if water is flowing to the community. Our devices send out real-time alerts and give operators access to the water system data they demand. Help your community cut costs and give operators the support they need, install an OmniSite water monitoring device on your mission-critical equipment.

Crystal Ball

Remote Pump Monitor and Control System



OmniBeacon Visual Alarm light with Cellular Transmitter and Siren

Wireless Water Monitoring Service


Completely Wireless

Our system utilizes Cellular Telemetry to transmit data, so we can reach just about any main, repumping, or booster water station on Earth. Our public water monitoring solution uses the local cellular network which eliminates the need to run dedicated phone wires to your equipment. This speeds up installation and decreases costs.


24-7 Water Monitoring Systems


24/7 Protection

Our water monitoring systems stand guard day and night when no one else is around. With OmniSite you never have to drive to a unit after a blind notification or wonder if your water system is operational. With real-time and informational text, email and voice alerts your operators can speed up disaster recovery or divert it all together. Customized alerts are easily set up through specific “call-out” lists.


Cost-Effective Water Monitoring Systems Help Save Money


Budget Friendly

OmniSite products are a fraction of the cost of comparable SCADA systems. Our cost-effective pricing and rich feature set make our systems perfect for water monitoring applications. Don’t just take our word for it, download our Total Cost of Ownership Calculators to compare OmniSite Vs. SCADA or OmniSite Vs. Phone Dialers.


Our Water Monitoring Devices Install Easily


Easy Installation

Not only is our water monitoring system easy to use, but it’s also just as easy to install. Your OmniSite Monitor can be installed and ready for use in less than 4 hours.  Quickly deploy multiple OmniSite RTUs in a matter of days. No need to invest in hard-to-maintain servers or even an IT department, we maintain all of that at our location so you don’t have to.


Online Data Access to Water System Monitoring Data


Accessible Data

From data collection and online data access to remote control of your equipment, our data logging and monitoring capability is comparable to most SCADA systems. OmniSite keeps operators informed and prepared to make the proper decisions for their community by collecting and then logging water system data. Access your water monitoring data anytime on the web or iPhone via our GuardDog web interface.


Water Monitoring Equipment Support by OmniSite


Great Support

Every OmniSite product comes standard with unlimited phone and email support M-F 8a – 5p EST. You’ll have access to our highly trained support staff, who also happens to be our product assembly team, so they know the products inside and out. We also have additional levels of service available for those that need 24/7 support.