OmniSite Modular Radio (OSMR)

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Our new Modular Radio, OSMR (pronounced Oz-Mer) is field replaceable, and simply plugs into your device.

Cellular networks are evolving. From the early days of analog to today’s blazing fast 4G/LTE networks, to tomorrow’s 5G. When a cell network evolves, it brings with it the challenges of a Sunset as one network bandwidth is shutdown and transitioned to the next. In the past, our solution involved bringing in every device and physically replacing the radio circuit board.

With our new OSMR system, we will simply send you a field installable radio card. Once retrofited, OSMR will make tear out and replace a thing of the past.


Once your existing devices are OSMR retrofitted, we’ll be able to simply mail you a new OSMR card to plug into your device. Some of your units may already be retrofitted and ready to go. A member of our Account team will contact you to discuss your options.


We want to put an end the time and effort that comes with cellular network sunsets. Our new OSMR radio and GuardDog 2.0 application allow the best in remote telemetry and real-time notifications plus reporting.