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OmniSite will be relocating to a new facility at 203 W Morris Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225 in September 2015.

Just released- OmniSite will be relocating to a new facility at 203 W Morris Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225 in September 2015. The historic factory at 203 W. Morris was the former home of the L.W. Ott Manufacturing Company, which manufactured leather and upholstered furniture in the early 20th century. Ott was the first furniture manufacturer in Indianapolis in the late 1800’s. The building is in its original form, but remains in good condition; given its age. The warehouse has the original large oak Read more

Student Innovation Fund Helps Power First Recipient

A year ago, IUPUI announced Tom and Peggy Ward's $100k gift to the School of Engineering and Technology. We are happy to report the Student Innovation Fund has it's first recipient. IUPUI student Earl Han grew up with a love for cars, "all I’d talk about was cars, or so my parents say,” he states in the interview posted at His team, which includes fellow IUPUI Motorsports grad Paul Lucas, plans to update the function and Read more

The GuardDog Mobile Android App is Here!

Our world class software has finally arrived for the Android. Now you can check alarms, run times, and see all stations from the palm of your hand. Screenshots From the Read more

GuardDog Updates: More Efficient Device Setup

Our Engineers are at it again! Their relentless pursuit of software perfection has just produced Copy to Device and updated Show Station Notes capability. Keep reading to learn more about these great new features. Copy to Device Our new Copy to Device feature is now available through the Device Setup page. This time saving option allows users to replicate the setup of one unit across many same model units with the click of a button. Utilizing Copy to Device is simple; complete Read more

Old SCADA Systems Need Updates to Meet FCC Mandate

The FCC Mandatory Narrowbanding deadline is fast approaching and as of January 1, 2013, “any equipment that is not capable of operating on channels of 12.5 kHz or less will need to be replaced.” The FCC added that, “it is likely that those who fail to comply will face serious penalties such as monetary fines or license cancellation.” If you do not currently have a plan or need assistance, please contact us immediately. What is Narrowbanding? Traditional land mobile VHF and Read more

GuardDog Updates: Streamlining Access to Data

The talented and relentless engineers at OmniSite have been busy adding additional features to our software and as a result GuardDog is getting a few updates. These updates will go into effect at approximately 10p EST tonight and will grant users a better experience by allowing streamlined access to the data they deserve. Here are the updates direct from one of our Senior Software Engineers:   The Dashboard is trimmed down. Device activity and the notifications pie chart are removed. This solves Read more

Your Equipment Needs a SmarteLight!

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The SmarteLight™ looks, feels, and installs like your typical alarm light. Simply attach it to the alarm output of any device and when the output is triggered the light turns on. Only, the SmarteLight™ does not stop there, it’s connected with the local cellular network and OmniSite’s cloud servers to give operators real-time alert notifications via text, email, and voice.

Once notified, the operator can login to our GuardDog Web Interface to see the alert and determine if someone should be dispatched for repairs. The SmarteLight™ has one output control as well, so operators can power cycle their equipment on/off from the internet or their Iphone. The SmarteLight™ helps operators save time and helps municipalities save money, making it the most cost-effective remote monitoring solution on the planet.

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In-Depth Look at How OmniSite Works With Landfills

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OmniSite partnered with its cell service provider KORE to create an in-depth case study looking into a problem that faced one of its customers. The study looks at the problem, the options, and the solution for the customer Waste Management in Cincinnati, OH.

The case study explains how OmniSite was able to come along-side a customer and provide a needed solution at a fraction of the cost of competitors. In this case study, it is clear that not only did OmniSite meet a customer need, but that they were able to exceed the customer’s expectations.

If your organization wants some real facts and data as to how OmniSite can help your municipality or company, please read this case study.