Remote Monitoring Solutions


The Perfect Remote Monitoring Solutions

Instant Pump Alarm Notifications Plus Data-Logging for Remote Equipment

OmniSite systems are tried and true; trusted by over 1,900 government utilities and municipal organizations across the U.S.

Our cellular telemetry-powered remote monitoring devices provide data logging and real-time monitoring in one easy-to-use package.

With OmniSite, you’ll have top-notch reliability and service and an economical solution that saves you time and money.

Compare Our Costs VS. Other Systems

When compared to up-front fees, annual SCADA system maintenance, PLC upgrades, and software licenses, OmniSite saves municipalities thousands of dollars. Stop wasting time and money on SCADA features you won’t use and switch to an OmniSite Remote Monitoring Solution.

Download our Worksheets to Calculate Your Cost Savings

OmniSite Vs. SCADA (xls)
OmniSite Vs. Phone Dialers (xls)

Need to Integrate with an Existing System?

OmniSite cellular monitoring systems can act as an economical backup or expansion to your traditional SCADA system, without sacrificing features or service. From backup controls to data logging and real-time pump alarm notifications, OmniSite fits most projects and budgets. Simply install OmniSite on your equipment and you’re part of our reliable cellular network.

OmniSite’s full line of remote monitoring and notification systems come standard with budget-friendly, but rock-solid, operation. Click the images below to learn more about each of the products.

Crystal Ball

Remote Pump Monitor and Control System



OmniBeacon Visual Alarm light with Cellular Transmitter and Siren


Quick and Easy Installation

Our systems make field installation fast and efficient. All of our systems can be installed in under 4 hours, compared to weeks or months for a traditional SCADA installation. The installation savings alone should make the switch to OmniSite a no-brainer. Our systems can be installed by anyone! From the technical genius to a technician splicing their first wire, we have a system anyone can install, set up, and maintain.

All Software is Included

After installation you simply go online and finish programming through our GuardDog web interface, no custom software installations. Just open your browser and complete two simple steps: (1) Create a “call out” list for alarm notifications. (2) Create the alarm triggers for each input channel of our equipment. Fill out a few online forms to completely program your device; no ladder logic or custom software development is needed.

We’re In The Cloud

The OmniSite system is completely cloud-based. This means all software and data are stored outside of your facility on our secure server. This saves you time, money, and energy because you don’t have to mess with software, servers, IT staff, or the electricity costs of running powerful SCADA servers.

Data Security and Reliability

We’ve built a secure infrastructure to ensure your data is safe from web threats such as hackers, trojans, and viruses as well as natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

There are also physical security safeguards such as a single point-of-entry, keycard and biometric screening, and video surveillance throughout. All data has electrical and communication backup systems so we can provide access to data 24/7, no matter the situation.

Reach Remote Locations

We can go where other monitoring solutions can’t. Our reliable cellular network blankets the nation. OmniSite systems reach the distant pump, lift, well, and flare stations without running expensive telecommunications lines.

Real-Time Alarm Notifications and Data Logging

Using the local Cellular Network, OmniSite automatically logs every state change that triggers an alarm. Real-time alerts are sent to each device’s “callout” list. The notifications can be customized to send out a text, email, and/or phone call to 15 people in your organization. Need to delay a notification? OmniSite can handle that. Need to be notified right away? OmniSite specializes in real-time alerts and notification systems. Our remote equipment monitoring system is completely customizable to your project.

Access Data From Anywhere and at Anytime

Don’t get locked into centralized systems with limited availability. Access your secure web-based portal from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Program your device, see both current and historical alerts and notifications, see important run-time data, or run reports anytime you need to. Our devices collect valuable information, so municipalities and organizations can make educated decisions on deploying technicians, which saves time and money.