Meet OmniSite: Your Guardian for Municipal Water, Wastewater, and Airfield Lighting Surveillance

Our Mission is Protecting People & Our Planet.

OmniSite helps improve the lives of people, and our environment, by monitoring critical municipal infrastructure. We supply proactive information and alerts to your smart phones, via our cellular and cloud-based products, so that critical municipal infrastructure is operating optimally. We help create clean drinking water, prevent sewage overflows, and assist pilots land under low visibility conditions.   

Why Choose OmniSite?

Are you tired of worrying about the health and performance of your water and wastewater treatment plants around the clock? Are 24/7 watchdog services stretching your budget to the limit? Look no further – OmniSite has your solution! Revolutionize Your Monitoring with OmniSite.

At OmniSite, we understand the critical importance of maintaining efficient and reliable water, wastewater, and municipal airport runway operations. That's why we've developed cutting-edge cellular monitoring solutions that put control right at your fingertips. Civil Engineers rejoice! OmniSite has your back.

  Dependable Telemetry Using Cellular Technology

 Affordable Peace of Mind
  User-Friendly Interface
  Security and Reliability


Join countless water, wastewater, and airport professionals who trust OmniSite to safeguard their municipal operations.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry, allowing you to focus on what matters most – reliable operation of municipal infrastructure. Take control of your electro-mechanical control systems today. Experience the future of monitoring with OmniSite. Get started with a consultation or request a demo to see how our cellular monitoring solutions can transform your operations.

Compare to SCADA

On the fence with your current SCADA system, phone dialer or unmonitored runway lights? Click below for price and plan comparison. See how OmniSite does it best.

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Municipal Infrastructure Protection Mindset

Let OmniSite do your routine system watch - 24/7, OmniSite never sleeps, or takes breaks. We prevent overflows into our lakes, streams, and homes and ensure pilots can see to land their planes; so, sit back and relax, we have your back. 

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Our Solutions

Fast & Easy to Use

With Local Rep Support!

Free Hands-On Training

Become an OmniSite Expert.

Free Web & Phone Apps

GuardDog, our web-based interface, comes with each product!

Real-Time Notifications

by text, phone, and email.

How Does It Work? 

OmniSite created a custom software that allows you to view it wherever you are. 

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The OmniBeacon delivers real-time alert notifications directly to you via text message, voice, and email. One of the most affordable remote monitoring solutions on the market.



The XR50 has the ability to record pump runtimes, GPM's, pump cycles, plus monitor airfield lighting. Monitor your digital alarm inputs from the palm of your hand.

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Crystal Ball

The Crystal ball is easy to install and program. Use as a backup pump controller in municipal lift station applications, or as our premium general aviation runway lighting monitor. 

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Our custom software provides a powerful interface that allows users to manage their systems, view alarms, and analyze trends. Our software is 100% web-based and is included free with every OmniSite device.


OmniAdvantage Plan

This plan is an extended warranty that covers all product damages, radio upgrades, full access to the GuardDog mobile app & more! Our powerful and easy-to-use interface allows users to manage their municipal equipment wherever they may be. Access your equipment 24/7. Our web-based technology makes it possible to monitor pump stations and runway lights anytime, anyplace, giving facility operators peace of mind knowing their equipment is working properly. 

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Now Introducing  

Airport Runway Lighting Monitoring

Always know if your runway lights are working. If you don't have working runway lights, especially in low visibility conditions, you do not have an airport. 

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Your Municipal Water & Wastewater + GA Airport Lighting, Our Expertise.

Don't let budget constraints or the fear of downtime hold you back. With OmniSite, you can have it all: affordability, convenience, and peace of mind.

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Try out our software that comes free with all of our units. Track trends, view and acknowledge alarms, and analyze reports. We even have a mobile app!

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