The Complete Monitoring Solution

The Crystal Ball doubles as a cellular pump station monitor and a backup pump controller. Receive real time alerts by email, phone, text message, or any combination of the three. 

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Engineering Specifications

Data Sheet


Customizable Inputs & Outputs

14 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs, accepts 12 VAC- 120 VAC, allowing you to wire up floats and sensors directly to your monitoring device. 

Built-In Pump Control

4 20A @ 120 VAC resistive relay outputs allow for backup pump control. 

Backup Battery

On-board 12 V power supply means your device will continue to monitor and send alerts even if the main power is down. 

Immediate Alarm Reporting

Report machinery operational data every 15 minutes using the Elite Data package.

Fraction of the Cost

SCADA replacement at a fraction of the cost and complexity. 

3 in 1

Advanced internet-based monitor, controller, and analyzer. 


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Do you know what's happening in your wastewater collection system when you are sleeping? OmniSite does. Always know the health of your pumps, trends in runtime, cycles, excess or no runtime, amps, I&I, flow, GPMs, and failures.

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We know how important efficient solutions are in the water industry. Receive real time alerts when equipment malfunctions, allowing you to avoid costly downtimes and ensure smooth operation. 

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Airfield Lighting

Imagine the impact of closely monitoring the runway lights in the airfield industry. This often neglected area plays a crucial role in ensuring safe landings and takeoffs. Let us enlighten you on the significance of this vital component.

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Technical Specs

Power12 VDC or 120 VAC
Communications4G LTE CAT-1/CAT-M1
Access KeySmart security key to identify personnel on site
Terminal BlocksRemovable style accepts #14-18 AWG solid or stranded wire
Operating Temp.-20/150 Deg F
Operating Humidity0-90% RH Non-condensing
Dimensions8.9”H x 9.4”W x 3.8”D
Memory Stick32Mb- 1 Gb user selectable
LCD Display4 X 20 rugged operation
Keypad(8) universal navigation buttons
Analog Inputs(4) 4-20mA, isolated, 10 bit resolution
Relay Outputs(4) 20A @ 120VAC resistive
Digital Inputs(14) Universal Inputs accept 12 VAC/VDC – 120 VAC/VDC