The OmniAdvantage Plan

Putting an end to repair and replacement costs. Contact one of our OmniAdvantage experts at 317-885-6330 ext: 137, or to learn more. Lifetime protection for every device, plus more:



Never pay for an RMA, unit inspection, or even shipping. We cover failures for the life of the device. No quotes, approvals, or costs. What if an input is wired incorrectly? Covered! What if a board fails and the device is 15 years old? Covered! You have enough to worry about; cross-device repair and replacement are off the list. Some warranty exclusions apply. See OmniAdvantage Limited Warranty Statement.


This solution, available only to OmniAdvantage customers, provides an end to radio upgrades and connection issues that use to affect every telemetry-connected device. Our new Modular Radio, OSMR (pronounced Oz-Mer) is field replaceable and simply plugs into your device. Zero cost, minimal effort, no RMA. Free shipping on all OSMR Radio kits. Exclusions apply. See the OmniAdvantage Terms & Conditions below.


Our software team is integrating new features and software updates. As an OmniAdvantage account holder, you get every new software upgrade and feature. Including our new GuardDog 2.0 Mobile App, which allows full reporting, diagnostics, and device setup from your mobile device or tablet. Device setup is now available with the new GuardDog 2.0 App.


Need to set up a new device or require assistance with a new GuardDog account and want hands-on assistance? In addition to troubleshooting current devices, we include free GuardDog setup on all new devices and accounts. Priority support includes unlimited phone and email support, and same-day support if you call/email before 4p EST on a business day.


A comprehensive training course that covers the many aspects of installing OmniSite products, configuring alarms, and monitoring day-to-day activity. Training will be hosted in our newly renovated, state-of-the-art Training Center, where we incorporate OmniSite devices into real-world wastewater control panels. Available free to any member of your organization.


Terms and Conditions

1. Standard Purchase. Every OmniSite device purchased comes with a 1-year standard limited warranty and the basic features listed on Page 3.
2. Eligibility. To receive the OmniAdvantage Plan benefits, all devices account-wide must subscribe to the OmniAdvantage Plan. The OmniAdvantage Plan is an annual subscription plan with an annual fee per device. This fee is in addition to cellular service fees. The OmniAdvantage Plan benefits apply account-wide. The OmniAdvantage Plan is not available for SmarteLight and Viper Kit devices. Ask your account representative about upgrading these devices.
3. Applicability. The OmniAdvantage Plan benefits only apply during the period the device is subscribed and paid in full to the OmniAdvantage Plan. If the plan is not renewed, the benefits terminate immediately upon year-end.
4. Fees. OmniAdvantage fees are nonrefundable. The OmniAdvantage Plan is non-cancellable. Fees for the first year of the OmniAdvantage Plan are prorated, and the OmniAdvantage Plan must be renewed annually in January subject to our standard payment terms.
5. Excluded Radio Upgrades. Lifetime radio upgrades are excluded from the benefits of the OmniAdvantage Plan during the first prorated year. Once the full annual fee has been paid, the OmniAdvantage Plan is eligible for the radio upgrade benefits.
6. Warranty. The OmniAdvantage Warranty is limited and exclusions apply. See the OmniAdvantage Limited Warranty Statement for more details.
7. Miscellaneous. OmniSite may change these Terms and Conditions, the OmniAdvantage Warranty, and the OmniAdvantage Plan offer at any time without notice. Any subsequent renewal is subject to the then-current offer.