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Unparalleled Data Security and Reliability

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Elevate Your Monitoring with OmniSite's Cloud-Based Solutions

Covering Every Corner, Near or Far

Elevate Your Monitoring with OmniSite's Cloud-Based Solutions

Experience the future of water and wastewater facility management with OmniSite's advanced cloud-based system. We've revolutionized the way you monitor your operations, providing a professional, cost-effective, and reliable solution.

Rest assured; your critical data is safeguarded by a robust infrastructure designed to withstand cyber threats. Our security measures extend from protection against hackers, trojans, and viruses to resilience in the face of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Our electrical and communication backup systems ensure uninterrupted access to your data.

OmniSite's expansive cellular network eliminates the need for costly telecommunications. We provide coverage to even the most remote pump, lift, well, and flare stations. Say goodbye to the limitations of expensive communication lines; we offer a seamless and cost-effective alternative.

With OmniSite, your facility is constantly monitored. Our system automatically logs every state change that triggers an alarm, and real-time alerts are dispatched to your designated "callout" list. These notifications are fully customizable, allowing you to choose between text, email, and phone call alerts for up to 15 individuals in your organization. Whether you need to delay a notification or require immediate attention, OmniSite specializes in real-time alerts and notification systems.

Break free from the constraints of centralized systems with limited accessibility. Our secure web-based portal is accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Program your device, review both current and historical alerts and notifications, access critical run-time data, or generate reports whenever the need arises. Our devices collect invaluable information, enabling municipalities and organizations to make informed decisions regarding technician deployment, ultimately saving you time and money.

Elevate your monitoring capabilities with OmniSite and embrace a future where efficiency, reliability, and accessibility converge seamlessly. Experience the difference today.

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The Power of Cloud Technology

Our OmniSite system operates entirely in the cloud, relieving you of the burdens associated with on-site software, servers, IT personnel, and the substantial energy costs of running SCADA servers within your facility. By entrusting us with your software and data storage needs, you save valuable time, resources, and capital.

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