GuardDog Dashboard Coming Soon

The New GuardDog Dashboard is set to launch this week!
June 13, 2024 by
GuardDog Dashboard Coming Soon
Emmie Ward

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Our first newsletter is a sneak peek at the NEW GuardDog dashboard. We believe these updates will not only simplify your workflow but also enhance the way you interact with our technologies. Your feedback is the river that guides our improvements, and we can’t wait to hear how these changes are making a splash in your daily routine! We would love to hear what improvements you ​would like to see to GuardDog. 

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GuardDog is in the process of getting a complete makeover. The dashboard and reporting pages are changing, and this is a part of a multi-step timeline in preparation for new features, news, and so much more!

New widgets will take over the dashboard and here is what you can expect to see.

Introducing Pump Statistics Chart

Operational efficiency is important when it comes to the wastewater industry. With this new color-coded graph, you can compare pump runtimes, down times, cycles, and flow from the past 3 moths to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. 

New Influent Report

New graphs are coming to the influent, pump calculations, rainfall, counters, and Analog reporting pages. View the new graphs in dark or light mode & single station or multi station view. Export in PDF, Word, or Excel. 

We welcome your feedback on how to improve GuardDog!​​ What would you like to see?

GuardDog Survey

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