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Maximize the value of your OmniSite investment. Discover a useful tool to assess the full utilization of our products.

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OmniSite understands that your investment into our cloud and cellular monitoring services are important. As such, we have created this new feature we call “Station Utilization Score” so that you understand how much benefit you receive from our products. Many times, customers are unaware of what their purchased product can do, and this score gives you a quick way to understand the return you are getting from your investment. What do you do if you have a low product score, and wished you got more features or value from your Omnisite monitors? It’s easy, send an email to and let us know your concerns. You already own the equipment. It’s usually a simple program or wiring change that allows you to do what you want. We’ll help you get the most from your OmniSite investment!

11 Variables Considered for Calculation of Station Score

This table shows you the different products and the rating system given to each of them. 

  1. Analog Report 

​The analog report has different information being reported about a Unit on a station to a customer. *CRYSTAL BALL ONLY* 

  • Analog 1 – gives water level for the unit
  • Analog 2 – gives measurement of pump current consumptions in pump 1
  • Analog 3 - gives measurement of pump current consumptions in pump 2
  • Analog 4 - gives measurement of pump current consumptions in pump 3

The values of last 30 days are being considered for calculation. For the first phase we will look at if there is + ve value in any one of the columns or if there is a positive data in any one of the columns - Analog1Reading, Analog2Reading, Analog3Reading and Analog4Reading, of these 4 Analog values from Report 17, it will be a passing score.

2. Digital Rainfall Report

The rainfall report shows the information on rainfall in inches between different time ranges. It gives a daily total and running total which is a collective total of rainfall for a given time range. The values of last 30 days will be analyzed for calculation of the score.

The product will only send report 19(RF report) if the setting for input 5 has been set to be a rain gage input. So, if the product is sending in report 19 it is a passing score irrespective of the rainfall or no. If the product has not been set up input 5 then it will no data, hence it will be scored 0. We will evaluate if there is a rain gauge attached to the unit in input 5 and if the report is being generated for the last 30 days. If the Unit sends the rainfall report/report 19 then it is a passing score.

3. Runtime Report

The Report 11 gives us the information of how long the pump cycle ran and its value. We are looking if the Pump control is on and if the values are positive in any one of the columns in the last 30 days. Pump1Runtime, Pump2RunTime, Pump3Runtime are the columns which will be referred.

4. Influent Report

The influent Report 18 gives the information on the inflow of water into the well. The report gives the information on the average inflow between the time ranges in the report.

5. Effluent Report

Effluent report gives the information on the outflow of water from the well – total gallons of output. The report gives the information on the average outflow between the time ranges in the report.

6. Counter Report

The counter reports give the report on pulses for external pumps to count the number of events. When we have another external device like a pump itself attached to our device it gives the information on how many times that device sent a pulse. Another example is voltage monitor.

7. Callout Plan Diversity

The Callout plans are scored based on the following considerations.

  • If the Callout Plan is attached to different inputs and those Callout plans are diversified with the 3 callout mediums: email, voice, and text.
  • Callout Plan should have more than 1 Callout list attached to it.

Look for any of the attached Callout Plans to an input if that Callout plan is diversified with >2 callout mediums and has >1 callout list attached; we give a passing score.

The development team has approached the Callout Plan diversity parameter to give passing score if both the conditions above satisfy and give a ‘0’ in case of either one or no conditions satisfied. ‘Callout Plan Diversity’ parameter is measured only if the Callout plan has all 3 diversified mediums, it will be given positive score of Zero.

8. General usage of station

The general usage of the station can be considered when:

  • Address is set
  • Alarms are being acknowledged

Sometimes when stations are in remote places the address cannot be set, hence we need to check for Coordinated Override checkbox button being checked under Device Setup page, if it is checked, then address is set and give a passing condition score for it.

If alarms do not occur in the past 30 days, then a customer cannot acknowledge it, hence in the case of no alarms/alerts in the last 30 days, we will give a passing score to the customer for this condition.

9. Digital Inputs

  • Input is named is changed from the default description
  • Notify when column is set to something other than never
  • A callout plan is attached to the input

If the Digital inputs for any one of the 11 inputs has been given a description or name and set to notify when column is changed to a value and Callout plan is attached to an input, we give it a passing score. We can average the score to the three conditions, hence each condition which is satisfied will get a score that adds up the whole.

10. Digital Output

In Crystal Ball you can see Output 1,2,3,4. Majority of them use the Pump control as a backup. Output 4 is connected externally and not to a pump. To analyze if a customer is using this feature one needs to look at Report 17.

  • For crystal ball we have digital outputs feature
  • If there is value of “Y” in Report 17, field 19 – “Pump Control Down”, we will consider that they are in use.

11. General Alarms

  • Notify when column is set to something other than never
  • A callout plan is attached to the input

Ratings breakdown of each product

XR50, Crystal Ball, and OmniBeacon

Reports Considered for Station Utilization Score

Report Number

Report Name






Digital Rainfall 








Callout Plan Diversity 


Genral Usage of Stations


Digital Input


Digital Output


General Alarms


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